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Online Tutoring 

What is online tutoring? How does it work?

Online tutoring, though gaining popularity is still unfamiliar to many people. There are many forms that it can take and lots of different technologies which it can employ. 

One of the simplest forms is via e-mail. The student e-mails the tutor his/her questions and the tutor responds with answers, feedback, suggestions, and comments which should lead the student to the answers for him/her self. This is particularly useful if a student has particular questions on which he/she is looking for help, or if he/she is working on a project and is looking for feedback. It can be a wonderful way to get sporadic help with homework, or to get tutoring if your schedule is really hectic and scheduling appointments is not feasible. 

The way that we have e-mail tutoring set up at Top Notch Tutoring, students are guaranteed a 24 hour maximum response time. If they want to have this guarantee they must make an email appointment with the tutor. For example, a student would arrange to send the tutor their questions on Thursday by 6:00pm. The student is welcome to send questions before and after this time, but the tutor is only required to respond to questions asked before 6:00pm on Thursday by 6:00pm on Friday. Students are required to put the maximum amount of time that they are willing to pay the tutor to work on the response in the subject line of the email. Emails without maximum time in the subject will be returned to the student. If the tutor is unable to complete the response in the maximum time specified he/she will return the questions as completed in the specified time and the student may ask them to finish in another e-mail.

Online tutoring can also use chat rooms or instant messaging, such as MSN, AOL, and Yahoo. This is a wonderful way to have one-on-one tutoring real time, or to set up a study group. The chat allows the student and tutor to discuss the problem as they would in face-to-face tutoring, leading the student to the answer and seeing where the student is having trouble. If the student and tutor both have microphones and speakers or even web cams the session can be further enriched.

The way that we have Instant Messaging (IM) tutoring set up at Top Notch Tutoring is that the student and tutor make an appointment for when he/she will meet the tutor in the IM. If the student is late they must pay the tutor for the time in which they were waiting. The student pays the tutor for the time that they are tutored in the IM.